"The Rhythm of 
Playing is in 
Your Hands"

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Have FUN learning and playing the Tambourine

Want to join our Tambourine Team?  Learn to play the tambourine with  a group of individuals is a fun experience.  Whether learning individually or in a group, you will smile and laugh while learning and later show your results at our program recital. 

Clapping Kids Club
Feel free to join our clap happy kids club having fun learning the appreciation of our hands as we clap to the sound of music in addition to a variety of hand held percussion instruments. 

Bongo/Conga FUN with others 

Would you like to learn  how to create rhythm with the bongo's or conga's?  This will lead you to a great experience in exposing how to create rhythm that adds creative sounds to any musical event.

Conga/Bongo Fun with All Ages

You will learn the different  variations in learning how to play the Conga which is a part of the percussion family.  Learning how to play all of the percussion instruments will allow you and others to appreciate these fun filled instruments.